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  • Building T-Shirt

Building T-Shirt

By: Wood Wood


Product Information

Wood Wood founders, Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian Jensen, often look to their background for inspiration in their collections. Skateboarding played a big role in their lives and helped shape their aesthetic to what it is today. 

This collection plays off of the use of CONCRETE, something crucial for skateboarding. They take this one step further and play with the idea of Brutalism, which is a type of architecture that is known for its abundance of concrete and repetitious framework. Brutalist architecture is very honest; it doesn't try to hide what it is nor does it try to romanticize functional aesthetics. 

This collection features CONCRETE iterations of classics as well as a whole line of ANTI-ROMANTIC pieces. 

The Building T-shirt is a classic Wood Wood graphic T-shirt in super soft premium cotton, detailed with a W.W. logo sewed in the hem.