Puma X Mita Clyde (Black/Dollars)

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The Puma Clyde has been established as a sneaker icon since the 70’s. The new iteration is covered in a digital print of dollar bills with Walt Frazier’s portrait. The dollar bill print covers the outside part of the sneakers while the Formstrip is decked out in shiny rhinestones symbolizing the flamboyant lifestyle that the legendary basketball player is also known for. Walt Frazier’s champion New York city team colors are applied to the shoe laces and formstrip on the inside of the sneaker, blue on the right and orange on the left. The asymmetric design reflects the fame and recognition he has gained throughout his carrier. The insoles are also decorated with the dollar print with a chain link fence motif, a distinct trademark by Mita Sneakers, along along with a customized logo. The tongue is marked with co-op branding that features the Mita and Puma logos.